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Friday, October 16

Took a day off from work and did some chores. In the evening, jogged down to the gym and did some pull-ups, dips and delts. Did about half a set of each then started to feel tired so decided to stop and see how it made me feel later and the next day. Started feeling a bit rough in the evening and feel fine today, the following day, if a little sore.

Was speaking to someone in the gym about rehab from a virus. She was saying to really get over it before doing too much, the more you train the worse the immune system will be able to recover. She suggested taking Echinacea to help the immune system. Going to take it easy, maybe try some Echinacea and see if I can kick it in a couple of days before going back to the gym again.

Generally not feeling as frustrated to not be training as I was a week or so ago. I’ve been getting back into work, tidying up, recycling and preparing for winter.

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