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Wednesday, October 28

Had a short session today, did 2x sets of push-ups last night which went well. Today I wanted to see how much I felt I could do before getting tired, then see how I feel afterwards and the next day. This is what I did, mix of back, triceps, shoulders and biceps..

  • 2x sets of pull-ups (8 and 6 reps)
  • 2x set dips (both 10 reps)
  • 2x sets of delt triads
  • 2x set of tricep pulldowns
  • 2x set of bent over barbell row
  • 1x set of dumbell curls

After I’d done a couple of circuits I had a drink of water and rested a little but did not feel capable of doing 6 pullups so decided to leave it.

Feels good so far, next time I’ll be able to push it a bit more. It may be that I’m just getting tired due to being unfit after taking 6 weeks off from the gym to be ill. If I’m better and just out-of-shape then I can push it more from now on.

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