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Monday, November 9

Have been focussing on taking echinacea and trying to get better, averaging 9 or 10 hours sleep per night and resting a lot. As I’m not doing anything I’m trying to not get fat so looking at what I’m eating. Here is today’s food intake…

  • 200g muesli – 700 cal
  • skimmed milk – <100 cal
  • Peanut butter on toast – 300 cal
  • 25g Twiglets – 100 cal
  • 2x cookies – 230 cal
  • 138g apple – 65 cal
  • 250g chicken – 345 cal
  • Thai curry sauce (200ml coconut milk) – 200 cal with the soy sauce, sugar and curry paste it’s probably more than this.
  • 70g rice – 250 cal (from Fit and Trim)
  • 6x oatcakes – 258 cal
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, orange juice, water)

Total = 2,548 calories estimate plus drinks

Minimal exercise today, I went shopping briefly and have just been working. That’s a pretty nice amount of calories for a male who is doing nothing. It’s also fairly healthy. Was up for longer than normal so the oatcakes were a result of staying up late.

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