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Typical Daily Diet

My typical daily intake of food would be something like this…

Large bowl of muesli – 1000 cals

Meal 1
Peanut Butter sandwich – 400 cals

Snack Choices
2x biscuits – 150 cals
Nutella sandwich – 400 cals
Apple – up to 100 cals
250g grapes – 170 cals
2x ricecakes – 60 cals
Mini poppadoms and hot salsa dip (either snack or meal replacement)

Meal 2 Choices
2x wholemeal pittas with 30g cheese or canned fish – 450 cals
2x wholemeal pittas with 1x chicken breast (half in each)

Evening Meal Choices
Bakes beans on toast with 30g cheese – 600 cals
Tomato and wholemeal pasta and 30g cheese – 500 cals
2x wholemeal pittas with beans – 600 cals
2x wholemeal pittas with fresh vegetables – 450 cals

I tend to drink a lot of tea, coffee for breakfast, some juice and water, mainly at the gym. I could definitely do better by replacing some tea with water. In the evening I sometimes either drink wine or beer, but not that often.

Depending on if I’m working out and what I’m doing a day might be muesli, peanut butter sandwich, 2x biscuits, mackerel on pittas and beans on toast.. roughly 2500 cals. Which is about right. If I have a heavy workout I’ll try and eat more, as much protein as possible. A gym session would come after I’ve had breakfast and meal 1, so I’ve had 2 meals and generally snacks before I work out. I try not to eat too late, so I’ll try to stop eating a few hours before I go to sleep, in theory. Trying to keep processed food to a minimum, so the main processed food I eat is unavoidable: pitta, pasta, bread, cheese and peanut butter, everything else should either be fresh fruit/veg, dried fruit, oats or canned. By having pittas instead of bread where possible it cuts down the amount of cals through carbs. Thinking about taking a protein supplement of some kind but not wanting to drink too much milk.

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