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Thursday/Friday, November 12/13

My hours are off at the moment but after working out yesterday and 7 or 8 hours sleep I feel fine, not 100% but ok. One or two workouts a week should be fine with plenty of rest. This is the food intake for my day that is spread between Thursday and Friday…

  • 200g muesli and skimmed milk – 800 cal, 26g protein (need to measure how much milk is used for more accurate figure)
  • 2x cookies – 230 cal, 2.8g protein
  • Peanut butter sandwich – 300 cal, 12.4g protein
  • Apple – 65 cal, 0.5g protein
  • Sardines in tomato sauce in whomeal pittas – 500 cal, 33.8g protein
  • Cheese and pickle in whomeal pittas – 310 cal, 21.4g protein
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, orange juice, water)

Total = 2,205 calories and 96.9g protein estimate plus drinks

It’s interesting looking at the protein aswell. This ind of diet is not too far away from the amount of protein I should have when working out properly. Based on a protein intake of 1g per pound of bodyweight, if I am 170lbs then I’ll need 170g of protein. Just read this protein discussion at T-Muscle. Could do with buying some eggs and cottage cheese.

This website is pretty good if you don’t have the nutrition facts, only thing I don’t like is that it has strange meausurements: Calorie Counter Database. Apparently a cup of tea is 2 calories, this is pretty negligeable, even for 10 or 20 cups a day. A glass of orange juice would be around 120 calories.

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