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Monday, November 16

Food intake today…

  • 45g cornflakes and 200ml skimmed milk – 243 cal, 10.5g protein (cornflakes: 171cal, 3.3g; milk: 72cal, 7.2g)
  • 130g cottage cheese and 2 olive pittas – 420 cal, 26.5g protein (cottage cheese: 110cal, 15.5g; pittas: 310cal, 11g)
  • Red Thai curry and rice – 800 cal, 85g protein (chicken: 345cal, 77g; rice: 180cal, 2g; coconut milk: 250cal, 6g)
  • 2x stick celery – 12 cal, 0.5g protein
  • Cheese and pickle in whomeal pittas – 310 cal, 21.4g protein
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, orange juice, water)

Total = 1,785 calories and 144g protein estimate plus drinks

Considering buying some whey protein, perhaps with creatine. Important to drink plenty of water, even without supplements it’s still a lot of protein so water is important to deal with it in the liver/kidneys.

Not feeling great today.

This is what one portion of my Red Thai Curry looks like…

Red Thai Curry

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