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Monday, December 28

I’ve been pretty lazy over christmas so did some jobs that I’d been putting off for some exercise.

  • Porridge with skimmed milk and water – 425 cal, 18.2g protein (oats: 350 cal, 11g; 200ml milk: 75 cal, 7.2g)
  • Small peanut butter sandwich – 226 cal, 9.2g protein (bread: 106 cal, 5g; peanut butter: 120 cal, 4.2g)
  • 2x Banana – 210 cal, 2g protein
  • 2x cookies – 230 cal, 2.8g protein
  • Chicken and mushroom slice – 439 cal, 15g protein
  • Tomato, 90g pasta, 30g cheese – 818 cal, 23g protein (tomato: 372 cal, 4.4g; pasta: 321 cal, 11.1g; cheese: 125 cal, 7.5g)
  • Small nutella sandwich – 186 cal, 6g protein (bread: 106 cal, 5g; nutella: 80 cal, 1g)
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, wine)

Total = 2,534 calories and 76.2g protein estimate plus drinks

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