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Cooked vs Uncooked

I’ve been thinking about the difference between muesli and porridge. The portion of porridge I have is much lower in calories than the same portion of muesli but it feels as filling. There is also toast that seems more filling than bread. I’ve also been wondering for a while if cooking something, i.e. adding energy to it in the form of heat, increases the energy of the thing your cooking. So I did some searches and it seems that it doesn’t…

Does cooking add calories to food?

It depends whether or not you’re adding something caloric to your food! If you fry it, yes. Oil/shortening contains calories. Eating food+oil contains more calories than the food alone. If you boil it in water, no. water has no calories. Heating the food in an oven or microwave will not add any calories.

It is important to remember that food preparation certainly can change the nutritional values of a foodstuff. When you start adding caloric items such as butter or sugar to a product, (surprise, surprise) you’ll end up with more calories to the finished item. Sometimes, especially in the case of salads, added dressing or cheese can end up having many times more calories than the vegetables themselves. Be aware of this when making food choices.

Which has more calories, a slice of regular bread or toast?

The calorie and nutrient content of bread is about the same whether it is toasted or not. Also, it does not differ significantly between white, rye or whole wheat breads or toasts. There are approximately 66 to 83 calories per slice of bread. There are diet breads on the market, which have slightly lower calorie values, but I do not recommend diet products. I encourage people to buy regular food and control portion sizes.

Apparently, toast has a lower GI than bread. This means that it is harder to break down and thus stays in the stomach longer, making you feel full for longer. The chemical reaction that happens during toasting is called the “Maillard reaction” so in this case it does not have significantly more energy but it has changed into a form that requires more work to digest.

Similarly, boiling vegetables is not adding any more energy to them but it is changing them so as to make them easier to eat and digest. Hence raw veg being better for you than cooked.

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