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Tuesday, January 19

Didn’t count calories today but went to the gym and had a great workout.

Pullups: 8,6,6
Dips: 8,6,8 (surprisingly hard work for dips)
Curls: 3
Tricep pulldowns: 10,8,8
Pushups: a few sets with quite a few reps

All in all a decent-ish workout that is approaching what I used to do before illness.

The curls were hardly worth it. I feel like I should be doing them because its arm work but I know that the arms are used in the compound exercises. Bad habit. Basically, all this is doing is wearing the arms out so it makes the pullups and dips harder.

I cancelled the gym this month so next month I’m without a gym. The reason for this was because I might not be here for a couple of weeks and the rest might be a good thing. I can always do some pushups.

When I go back to the gym for a sustained period of time I might try post workout shakes, maybe with creatine.

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