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Thursday, January 28

Feeling sore from the gym yesterday and a little off in terms of sickness. Rested, swept and mopped the floor, and did some washing up.

  • 200g muesli and 200ml skimmed milk – 870 cal, 32.8g protein (muesli: 800 cal, 26g; milk: 70 cal, 6.8g)
  • 2x peanut butter sandwich – 600 cal, 24.8g protein
  • 2x dark chocolate digestive biscuits – 168 cal, 2g protein
  • Kidney beans in chilli sauce and 3x pittas – 792 cal, 39.9g protein (beans/chilli: 366 cal, 22.2g; each pitta: 142 cal, 5.9g)
  • Baked beans on toast with 30g cheese – 622 cal, 35.5g protein (beans: 262 cal, 19g; toast: 235 cal, 9g; cheese: 125 cal, 7.5g)
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, orange juice, wine)

Total = 3,052 calories and 135g protein estimate plus drinks

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