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Wednesday, March 24

Since getting back home I’ve been resting more and generally feeling better because of the rest. Glands are still up with the glandular fever (mono). Taking some Penicillin to hopefully clear up a cyst in my earlobe. It feels like the Penicillin is making me feel dodgy and I’ve not been feeling hungry at all, but generally feeling ok with rest. Getting tired very quickly still, probably worse with the Penicillin, and watching what I eat as I’m not doing much exercise. The 7 day course of meds finished on Saturday so I’m looking forward to getting off it.

With rest I can hopefully start exercising in April, or I might start by walking in April and join a gym in May. Work has been building up a lot recently so I should get that down before doing too much.


  • Weight: 164.2 lbs
  • Fat: 16.3%
  • Water: 57.0%
  • Muscle: 41.9%
  • BMI: 23.0%

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