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Training Routine

I don’t have a set routine. Normally look at what I worked the previous day, how sore I am, and make a judgement call. If I’m doing triceps one day I’ll probably wait at least one day before doing biceps as the two muscles can overlap. Generally have at least one day off, normally two per week (Friday and Saturday).

At the moment it’s one session per day. Here are the different workout days I would have…

Back / Triceps Day
Lat pulldowns

Chest / Biceps Day
Dumbell curls (normal and hammer-style)
Barbell curls
Dumbell press / dumbell fly
TODO – forearms

Shoulders Day (Deltoids)
Dumbell raises side, front, back
Dumbell shoulder presses

Abs Day
Swiss ball crunches
Twisting side to side thing on mat (weighted and unweighted)
Hanging leg raises
Cardio – cross trainer

Leg Day
Leg-related cardio
Leg extension
Leg curls
Leg press
Flexibility machine
TODO – adductor and abductor

Alternate Day
Long walk to go shopping (3 miles each way, heavy rucksack on way back)

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