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Thursday, April 15

I walked down to the health food shop near where I used to live on Sunday (probably 3 or 4 mile round trip). I had a rucksack on with 3 Argos catalogues in it.. quite heavy. Walked there and back and was knackered.

Today I walked to the Sainsbury’s I used to go to all the time that is a 6 mile round trip. Went there with a empty rucksack and obviously walked back with heavy shopping. Feel tired but ok. When I used to do it before I got ill I’d be tired so nothing to worry about.

One reason I wanted to do this today was that I stayed up til 3am last night and only got 7 hours sleep. I wanted to get to bed earlier tonight and get more sleep.

Today I had a bowl of muesli, sandwich, 2 or 3 digestive biscuits and a cadburys cream egg on the way back from the supermarket. When I got back I had a sirloin steak with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, fine green beans and a glass of wine. Delicious.

Extra stuff: My boss from LA is in the country for a week or so at the moment. Today there is a cloud of volcanic ash over the UK and Northern Europe that has stopped all planes leaving or entering the airspace. Also it is the first ever Priministerial Debate on ITV later on, the first of three (other two on BBC and Sky).

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