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Tuesday, May 11

Feeling much better, I’d say around 90%. Have done a 6 mile roundtrip to the supermarket with a very heavy load on the way back and I was exhausted but fine. I’m not deliberately putting off going back to the gym but with the way things are it’s probably going to be next week or the week after.

Rice Milk

I’ve been hearing about how milk is bad for various reasons. I know that I used to not be able to drink milk growing up so I think that replacing milk with milk substitute will be good for me. One of the main reasons is that milk is something that causes mucus to build up and so can make hayfever/allergies even worse than it need be during the summer. Right now its not very warm and not much pollen but it’s hopefully on the way. Everything I’m hearing at the moment leads me to believe that cutting down a lot / cutting out dairy milk would be a good idea for me as I used to consume a lot of it!

I bought some rice milk and have been getting used to that. I’d rather have rice milk than soy because of the estrogen/oestrogen in soy. Rice milk tastes fine but a little strange on cereal and I’m getting used to it in coffee but tea is taking longer to adjust to so far.

There are a few points about changing from skimmed milk to rice milk. The first being that there is much less protein in rice milk, there is some but not very much, it’s mainly a carb. Next point would be that I drink less tea/coffee with rice milk so far, so less caffeine intake. The caffeine may be generally a good thing other than slowing my body down and not burning as much when I’m resting. The lack of protein would mean that I’m going to have to get protein from other sources.

Also, on the subject of dairy, if I’m going to cut down on it I think that would rule out whey protein supplements as whey comes from dairy. Need to check on this.

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