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Protein Sources

After stopping taking milk and dairy products I’m looking for alternative sources of protein. They have to be Lactose-free and Soy-free. I was thinking that it might be hard to find them as Whey powder and soy are the main protein supplements I’d heard of, but there are actually quite a lot.

I surfed a little and had a look on True Protein and here are some of the supplements that jumped out at me. May try a few and see if I like any of them after I start going back to the gym. Actually, this website is British and I’ve seen the website advertised in men’s health, I think: This website gives customer feedback and some of the comments are interesting. It doesn’t sound like any of them taste very nice…

Egg White Protein – has the protein of the whites without the fat and cholesterol of the yolk.

Whole Egg Protein – fat, cholesterol and protein.

Pea Protein Isolate – interesting.

Hemp Protein Powder – expensive.

Someone has just mentioned calcium so I need to look into that and make sure I’m getting my 1000mg per day.

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