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Saturday, May 15

This is the first calculation of calories and protein intake since cutting back on lactose. Haven’t really been doing much and it feels like I’ve been eating about right.

I’m not completely off milk/lactose products but just cutting down on cows’ milk from around 8 litres per week to nothing has seemed to work, my sinuses were very clear the other day. The milk products I still have left are margarine, nutella and digestive biscuits. I’ve started to take a couple of calcium / magnesium tablets a day, which gives 1000mg calcium (100% RDA) and 500mg magnesium (120% RDA).

  • Chocolate porridge – 607 cal, 14.2g protein (112g oats: 413 cal, 12g; 200ml rice milk: 94 cal, 0.2g; 2x squares dark chocolate: 100 cal, 2g)
  • 300ml pineapple juice – 150 cal, 0.9g protein
  • Peanut butter sandwich – 423 cal, 16.2g protein (85g multigrain bread: 228 cal, 8.6g; 33g peanut butter: 195 cal, 7.6g)
  • 130g apple – 61 cal, 0.5g protein
  • Bacon and egg sandwich* – 593 cal, 35.4g protein (100g multigrain bread: 265 cal, 10.4g; 3x rashers bacon: 100 cal, 10g; 2x fried eggs: 219 cal, 14.9g; 8g tomato sauce: 9 cal, 0.1g)
  • Vegetable pitta – 431 cal, 18.9g protein (2x wholemeal pittas: 284 cal, 11.8g; vegetables: 105 cal, 6.9g; mayo: 42 cal, 0.2g)
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, water, beer)

Total = 2,265 calories and 86.1g protein estimate plus drinks

*After frying and wiping off oil the bacon weighed about 35g, the calories and protein varied a lot depending on which info you use. I roughly used the info on the packaging that was for grilled bacon.

Probably going to go with some egg white powder to help top-up the protein intake. When I’m back at the gym I want to be at around 100g-150g of protein per day.


  • Weight: 163 lbs
  • Fat: 15.9%
  • Water: 57.5%
  • Muscle: 42.3%
  • BMI: 22.9%
  • BMR: 1769

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