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Sunday, May 16

Almond milk is very nice in muesli! It’s also nice in tea, I’m fairly sure that it will be pretty good in everything. The only downside with almond is that it’s more than twice as expensive as rice milk.

  • Muesli – 848 cal, 23.8g protein (200g muesli: 758 cal, 22g; 200g almond milk*: 90 cal, 1.8g;)
  • 200ml grapefruit juice – 82 cal, 0.8g protein
  • 130g apple – 61 cal, 0.5g protein
  • Peanut butter sandwich – 460 cal, 18g protein (100g multigrain bread: 265 cal, 10.4g; 33g peanut butter: 195 cal, 7.6g)
  • Vegetable pitta – 431 cal, 18.9g protein (2x wholemeal pittas: 284 cal, 11.8g; vegetables: 105 cal, 6.9g; mayo: 42 cal, 0.2g)
  • Bacon and egg sandwich – 593 cal, 35.4g protein (100g multigrain bread: 265 cal, 10.4g; 3x rashers bacon: 100 cal, 10g; 2x fried eggs: 219 cal, 14.9g; 8g tomato sauce: 9 cal, 0.1g)
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,475 calories and 97.4g protein estimate plus drinks

*The nutrition info of almond milk is per 100g as opposed to 100ml, as for other liquids.

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