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Friday, June 4

Had the induction at a new gym today. My membership at the last gym ran out at the end of January so it’s been 4 full months where I haven’t even been a member of a gym. That doesn’t sound like that long, but before that I’d not done anything really since mid-September: 8.5 months.

Not only is the gym cheaper than any gym I’ve been a member of as far back as I can remember, but it’s also pretty good and nearby.

My back has been feeling a bit strange recently, not the spine but kinda around the rib cage or lungs. It’s fine normally, just sometimes when I sit in certain positions or move in certain ways. Was thinking that it could be that I’m not getting enough calcium if it’s the ribcage so I need to make sure I’m having at least 1000mg in tablets plus extra calcium in spinach and rice milk.

I did some stretching and some curls, pullups, dips, pressups, tricep pulldowns and some crunches. Nothing very strenuous really. Gonna see how I feel and maybe go back again over the weekend or monday.

It’s a student gym, hence being cheap, so it’s going to be fairly empty over the summer but could well be very full over the winter.

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