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I bought some supplements recently:

  • Egg white powder – oldskool slow-release protein
  • BCAA – aides faster recovery
  • Creatine – makes muscles bigger for limited time

The day they came I tried mixing the egg white powder and the BCAA in a shaker with some water and it did not taste good. The BCAA on it’s own is not nice but it’s a small quantity so it’s ok, a bit like medicine. The best way I’ve found to take it is mixed in with gravy.

The egg white is supposed to be good/better mixed with porridge in the morning. The taste is masked by the porridge and because it’s slow release it keeps protein levels up.

Whey post-workout and casein as a meal-replacement is the norm. Both are milk-based.

More info here.

Working out most days at the moment so I can test them out. Focusing on a muscle group at a time so I can work day-after-day. Over the weekend I’ve not really had time to do much but once I get into having regular decent sessions I will try the creatine.

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