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Goals – September 2009

These will be similar to the goals of a lot of people.

Goal 1: Build Muscle
I’ve been cruising recently, so not pushing myself very much. I need to put more effort into the sessions, and maybe attempt to move up through the weights, doing more work. So, aim to leave the gym tired every session with fewer half-hearted workouts i.e. Maximize every session.

Goal 2: Legs, Chest and Shoulders
Back and triceps are good. Abs are ok. Legs could use some work, as could chest, biceps and shoulders. Improving legs and chest will also help the abs. These groups are quite visible so improving strength here will be visible and therefore provide positive reinforcement. Legs are not so visible but they are needed to strengthen abs and are good to strengthen due to the size of the muscles involved being quite large.

Goal 3: Maintain Low Level of Fat
I’m basically happy with my fat %. So by continuing with what I’m eating – plenty of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish – this should stay the same. Thinking about possibly using whey protein as a supplement pre-workout. See my typical daily diet.

Goal 4: Work Smarter
I’ve recently switched to working one group of muscles per session (chest/biceps, back/triceps, legs, abs, shoulders) so continue to do this and research good advice online and in books. Also, try some more classes to get some more ideas and just mix things up.

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 74kg
Fat %: around 10% (need to check this)

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