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Tight Summer Booty Workout

This chick is called Zuzana and I could watch her doing her workouts and getting sweaty in her tiny outfits all day long. This is as near to gym porn as you can get in a real workout (not a fake celebrity DVD). She slightly more muscular than I’d prefer but those tits look great in her tiny tops as she gets nice and sweaty. Talk about motivation! Working out is supposed to be enjoyable, right?

Some of her exercises are quite tough on the joints, lots of jumping around and impact. But she also does some that I like and could work for the core/abs. I like the one in this video near the end where she combines two exercises; the first she gets in the press-up position and alternates with each leg being first front then back, next exercise is a “T-Press” without the press-up.

Unfortunately there are not many girls in my new gym 🙁 Will have to watch Zuzana as compensation.

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