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Wednesday, September 16

After working out on Saturday, when maybe I shouldn’t have, and taking 3 days off with a sore throat, I’m feeling pretty good today. My last session, on Saturday, was pretty light, it was just some half-hearted leg work and a bit of cardio.

I’d been doing the [stepper?] wrong, so I had a few 3 minute sessions on that using the full range of motion. I tend to use it without holding on to the support so that it hopefully works more of the body including the core. Use this on a leg day inbetween sets.

I didn’t do any leg work for a long time but have been getting back into it due to the legs being a part of your body that leads into the core. And a strong core is a good thing. For leg work I do leg extension, leg curl, leg press and flexibility (stretching machine that holds your stretch with a little weight). In the last session I also did the Adductor and Abductor for the first time. One of those made my inner thigh a little sore afterwards so I need to stretch the inner/outer thighs when I do those again.

I stretch most muscles before working out and I don’t go first thing in the morning anyway, so I’m generally pretty supple at the gym. Since using the flexibility machine I’ve been getting a lot closer to touching my toes. Around 2 inches away now.

Today I feel great after taking a sleeping pill last night and getting 12 hrs of sleep so I’m ready to get back to the gym and burn off all the food I’ve been getting through to try and get well. Before my next session I’ll take some readings and post here to gauge how everything is going.

I am 32 years old and 5’11”. Last session I was around 74kg which is probably in the region of 10% fat (based on previous readings at the health club at the Hilton).

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