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Wednesday, July 21

After the last workout on July 2, I hurt my neck. It was from not stretching the neck muscles to begin with, then during some standing hammer curls using the shoulders aswell as the arms I tweaked something. It was fine at the time and that evening but the following morning it felt like I’d caught a chill on it but that feeling stayed for about a week. I didn’t want to rush back so I made sure it was 100% and I’ve been busy so it was 2 weeks or so that I had off and finally went back yesterday, July 20.

  • 3 sets of pull-ups (6 reps)
  • 3 sets of dips (6-8 reps)
  • 5 sets of various curls (hammer-16, normal-14, using bench-10, etc)
  • 1 set of vertical barbell row
  • 1 set of dumbell flies
  • 3 sets of tricep pulldowns (5.5 reps, last one was hard at 12.5)
  • Finished off with an 800m jog on treadmill

It was a decent workout and I’m sore today but in a good way. Neck is fine. Made sure I stretched thoroughly before, during and after the workout.

Going to take today off from the gym and go back tomorrow and hit the abs/core. Maybe using some ideas from Zuzana in this post.

Still off dairy and feeling ok in myself after having the illness. I think the two weeks rest was also good for that recovery.

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