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Sunday, January 30

I went shopping on Wednesday and did the long walk there and back. When I got back I weighed the rucksack and it came to 25.4lbs. It was fairly heavy but it wasn’t as heavy as it has been. I’d say it’s normally 25-30lbs.

I looked up the distance on a website, as the crow flies it is 2.8 miles to the supermarket, but it looks more like 3.5 miles (5.6km) to me on the route I take.

On the Thursday I went to the gym but it didn’t go very well at all, I was still tired.

Been trying to think about what the 3.5 miles each way with half weighted is actually doing. It’s obviously cardio, but the weighted part must be resistance for the upper body.

According to the walking calories calculator 3.5 miles for someone who weighs 165 lbs (my weight) at 15 minutes per mile is 328 calories. However, carrying 25lbs would make the weight 190 lbs which, at the same distance and pace, would be 378 calories. So the entire journey (un-weighted there and weighted back) would be 706 calories.

With one thing or another I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week, more resistance next week, starting monday!

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