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Tuesday, February 1

Just walked down the road and did some chores today. Gym tomorrow. Food…

  • Chocolate porridge with 25g raisins and 15g desecated coconut – 720 cal, 14.4g protein (oats: 413 cal, 12g; 200ml rice milk: 94 cal, 0.2g; square dark chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; raisins: 70 cal, 0.5g; coconut: 91 cal, 0.8g)
  • 300ml grapefruit juice – 123 cal, 1.5g protein
  • 3x wholemeal pittas with 480g veggies and 20g mayo – 648 cal, 29.3g protein (pittas: 426 cal, 17.7g; veggies: 168 cal, 11.5g; mayo: 54 cal, 0.1g)
  • 2x cookies – 260 cal, 3.4g protein
  • Doritos and salsa – 715 cal, 11.1g protein.. (135g doritos: 682 cal, 10g; salsa: 33 cal, 1.1g)
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,298 calories and 59.7g protein estimate plus drinks

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