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Saturday, February 12

Walked down the road with a computer yesterday and cleaned the desk area before getting the computer set up. Not been to the gym for ages again and the biceps/forearms are a bit sore.

Aswell as red curry today, I’ve had some green thai curry and kung po prawns in the past week or so, so diet’s been pretty varied.

  • 175g muesli and 200ml rice milk – 794 cal, 23.2g protein (muesli: 700 cal, 23g; milk: 94 cal, 0.2g)
  • Apple – 40 cal, 0.2g protein
  • Peanut butter on toast – 460 cal, 18g protein.. (100g multigrain bread: 265 cal, 10.4g; 33g peanut butter: 195 cal, 7.6g)
  • Thai red curry with chicken, red pepper and rice – 783 cal, 72.9g protein (200g chicken: 276 cal, 62g; pepper: 75 cal, 2g; curry: 150 cal, 3g; 80g rice: 282 cal, 5.9g)
  • 3 oat biscuits – 207 cal, 2.7g protein
  • …plus drinks (coffee, tea, water, wine)

Total = 2,284 calories and 117g protein estimate plus drinks

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