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Wednesday, May 4

Great workout today, not been for a while what with all the bank holidays and going climbing. I did about 3 sets of push-ups at home yesterday so was a little bit sore in the tricep region today. Had a lot of sleep yesterday in 2 stints. Finally got up about 5am. Got to the gym about 9.30am and it was empty. Nice, sunny day, feeling good!

  • pull-ups (4+4+4+4+4+4)
  • dips (8+8+4+8)
  • 1 set standing fly, 1 set of delt triad
  • 1 set crunches
  • 1 set ab twists (can’t remember the name, side-to-side)
  • 1 set bench barbel curls
  • 1 set hammer curls, raising shoulder
  • 2 sets tricep pull-downs
  • 1 set of push-ups with feet on swiss ball

I hopped around a bit. Did the first set up pull-ups, then a set of dips, then finished all the pull-ups before back on the dips. The third set of dips went badly so I did everything else and went back and did another set of dips at the end. This last set of dips felt great, almost like I was re-energized by doing all the other workouts. I almost couldn’t get up off the mat at the end. Will be sore tomorrow!

I’ve been having a boiled egg most days since reading about it being a good thing to add to your diet. (211 cals, 17g protein)

Measurements (post-workout)…

  • Weight: 160.4 lbs
  • Fat: 15.2%
  • Water: 58.1%
  • Muscle: 42.7%
  • BMI: 22.5%
  • BMR: 1751

Today’s workout went really well despite yesterday’s push-ups. It seems like sleep and eating well beforehand is the most important thing as I was well rested. The main thing with the climbing was that I hadn’t had a lot of sleep and got tired quickly.

The plan is to get back into working out at the gym, then have the last 2 climbing sessions over the summer.

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