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Sunday, May 8

Triceps and lower back were still a bit sore from Wednesday so worked around them yesterday but had a half-decent workout (upper body and arms). I think the lower back was sore because on Wednesday I did some crunches on the mat, as opposed to on a swiss ball, it feels fine today though.

Biceps are sore today from Saturday’s workout, it’s going to be a few days before they’re ready to use again. Have been thinking that I should work more on biceps for a while and that working on them will help pull-ups and other stuff.

Compound exercises are good because not only do they work more than one muscle group, but they also work on the joints, tendons and ligaments – helping to bulk up. Just working a muscle in isolation means that while it may be getting a good workout, it’s surrounded by stuff that aren’t getting worked out at all, that’s not going to do much good long-term. I’ve been doing some barbell curls because they are great for when my triceps are knackered as they isolate the biceps. If my biceps are a weak link, working them more might also be a good thing when going back to compounds, like the pull-up.

The order to do things in is compound first, isolation second. So, after the pull-ups, dips and press-ups a few sets of barbell curls might be good, to add to the bicep workout.

Will try doing legs tomorrow. Legs are also something I’d like to work more on, they’re looking pretty skinny compared to my upper body at the moment, but that may just be because I’m getting fat. Doing a day of upper body, a day of legs and a day of cardio would help to get back into a routine.

1: Upper body (arms/shoulders/back with secondary abs)
2: Legs
3: Abs
4: Cardio
5: Rest
—> startover from 1.

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