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Friday, June 3

Pretty hot day today, up to around 27 degrees C. About 2pm walked to Graves Park. I’ve just worked out that it’s about 9 miles in total (from here), including walking around the edge of the park through the woods, and it took me 3 hours. That’s exactly 20 minutes per mile, I weigh 160 lbs at the moment so that works out as 764 calories on the Walking Calories Calculator. Came back and did some abs exercises on the bed and some push-ups.

The walk was good, the views are pretty amazing, even though I didn’t walk on the main park bit, just around the outside. It’s also quite hilly and makes a change from the usual supermarket. Might walk to Ponderosa Park tomorrow, not as far but should be fun.

My gym membership ran out on the 29th May so I’m just waiting til my money situation looks a bit better before joining somewhere. In the meantime I have a pot belly. Bit self-conscious about it in a t-shirt in this nice weather. Going to try cutting back on food for a while and walking a lot.

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