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Wednesday, January 18

I had one of the best gym sessions I can remember for ages on Saturday 7th. It was my first or second workout of the new year and I decided to do the workout in chunks as opposed to repeating a circuit of stuff. So I started with the pull-ups, did sets with rest until I couldn’t do any more. Then sets of dips, then push-ups.

After that I needed a few days off and the next session was Friday 13th. Did the same thing apart from whereas before I’d started with wide grip pull-ups then went onto neutral grip because I’d been tired, this time I did them all wide. 8, 6, 4 and 4 reps. Then about 3 sets of 10 dips.

Generally, with not going to the gym inbetween, I’ve been getting loads of sleep but haven’t been sleepy til very late.

Today, I went to the gym about 10pm which is quite late. Hadn’t had a huge amount of food beforehand and had been doing chores in town. After the wide grip pull-ups and dips with a bit of cycling I couldn’t do any press-ups so I stopped. I didn’t do anything else inbetween. It would be good practice to do the opposite of each in future (dips/vertical row and pull-ups/machine where you push upwards). Also, in future, press-ups/chest press afterwards.

Each time the recovery time seems to be getting shorter. This session wasn’t that thorough so I should be able to go back to the gym on Sunday, that’s 3 full days off.

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