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Thursday, February 9

Went to the gym yesterday and did sets of pull-ups, dips and press-ups. Think I might have a cold so it wasn’t very good. Before that the last gym session was legs on Jan 28, last upper body was on Jan 26. Did some push-ups at home a few days ago. Very cold and mainly been sat at home eating in order to stay warm. Lost weight since December, mainly because of the cold I think.


  • Weight: 151.0 lbs
  • Fat: 13.7%
  • Water: 59.7%
  • Muscle: 43.9%
  • BMI: 21.2%
  • BMR: 1963

I’ve been going to the local market and buying veggies for soup and such. At the moment it seems to have a quite short shelf life so I’ve been going to buy what I need for the next day or so. Last thing I made was tex-mex chilli from 2008’s Men’s Health. Cross between the bulk-up and slim-down versions, very nice.

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