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Sunday, March 18

I looked up my stats from the beginning of this blog the other day. I was about 170 and doing quite well in 2009.

What are my goals at the moment? I’ve been going to the gym regularly and having decent workouts for a month. If that’s going to continue I’d like to cut the bodyfat down to nearer 10%. I’d also like to bulk up somewhat.

I’ve been having eggs pre- and post-workout, basically just added hard-boiled eggs to the diet. Will have to do a day of calorie counting soon.

Been continuing the legs/abs, rest, upperbody, rest, legs/abs thing roughly. Today I did upperbody which should have been lowerbody. The session went really well and I only discovered afterwards why I was a little tired. Did 3x sets of (very short cardio, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, vertical barbell row, tricep pulldown, dumbell crunches, shoulder thing with kettle bell). The pull-ups were something like 9,8,7 reps which is a record for me recently. I did feel slightly sore to begin with but maybe 3 days off between upperbody sessions can be reduced to 2 days. Legs/abs next time fo’ sho’.

Post workout…

  • Weight: 153.4 lbs
  • Fat: 13.4%
  • Water: 59.9%
  • Muscle: 44.0%
  • BMI: 21.5%
  • BMR: 1708

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