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I was trying to figure out what angle shows what I look like best. This one seems pretty good.

Certainly a bit leaner than 16.2% bodyfat in September 5, 2010.


  • Eat plenty of protein. Boiled egg before and after upper body workout.
  • I’ve not been getting very sore recently so try reducing rest. Maybe upper, abs legs, rest, upper,…
  • If I’m not getting sore at all maybe I’m not working hard enough. Work harder.


During yesterday’s abs session I got some ab pain during the first set but after that it went with no pain whatsoever. I’d like to find out what’s going on there, the pain is something to do with lactic acid. This article is pretty good. Maybe what it could be is that during the rest period/cardio the abs get oxygen and get enough so they don’t have to make lactic acid the next time.

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