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Friday, March 23

Upper body session at the gym tonight!

Thought I’d do a food thing today…

  • Porridge with 25g sultanas, 10g dark chocolate and 10g desecated coconut – 599 cal, 14.1g protein (oats: 413 cal, 12g; chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; sultanas: 73 cal, 0.7g; coconut: 61 cal, 0.5g)
  • 3x gingernuts – 141 cal, 1.8g protein
  • 2x wholemeal pittas with 240g veggies and 20g mayo – 446 cal, 17.6g protein (pittas: 308 cal, 11.7g; veggies: 84 cal, 5.8g; mayo: 54 cal, 0.1g)
  • Steak bake (estimate) – 458 cal, 16.5g protein
  • 2x ryvita and 20g peanut butter – 189 cal, 6.7g protein (ryvitas: 68 cal, 1.8g; peanut butter: 121 cal, 4.9g)
  • …gym session…
  • 2x large hard boiled eggs (68g each) – 196 cal, 15.8g protein
  • Tomato, pasta and cheese – 509 cal, 24.7g (100g whomeal pasta: 316 cal, 12.7g; can of plum tomatos: 88 cal, 4.4g ; 100g cherry tomatoes: 17 cal, 0.7g; 30g cheese: 105 cal, 7.6g)
  • Large glass of red wine – 170 cal, 0g protein
  • …plus other drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,725 calories and 97.9g protein estimate plus other drinks*

* Apparently coffee is about 16 cals and tea is about 30 cals. Not sure why tea is more than coffee.

Seeing as I seem to be working out more recently I’ve been trying to read a T-Nation article every day. Mostly they’re confirming some of the crazy ideas I had, or some of the crazy stuff I do that no-one else does. Today’s is 5 Training Strategies for Fuller Muscles

  1. Increase Time Under Tension – do a set for longer 30-60 seconds (more reps)
  2. Do More Volume – lower reps more weight
  3. Optimize Rest Periods – not to rest too much, I rest for ages but I’ve been trying to rest by doing cardio rather than standing around
  4. Stretch While Full – stretch during/after a workout, been trying to do this.
  5. Isolate Flat Muscles – if there is a weaklink then work surrounding mucles so that when you do an isolation excercise on the weaklink the weaker muscle gets worked

Also, the weighted walks are keeping the upperbody in tension, so while 3.5 miles is way more than 30 seconds, it’s the same kind of idea.

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