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Tuesday, May 15

Recently I’ve been fine during a session but the other day I realized that I was absolutely drained the following day with no energy whatsoever. I’ve put this down to not eating enough post-workout so have started getting a greasy takeaway after the gym. I feel much better the following day but body fat is back up to around 16%.

Saw a recently photo of me and I look very skinny with clothes on. Am around 155 lbs at the moment, almost exactly 11 stone. Once again it comes back to trying to put on weight without putting on too much fat.

At the moment what I’m trying to do is have a really good workout, eat a lot post-workout. Feel ok the following day and do a lot of walking, running and general activity. Then a few days later do it all again. This month I’ve been mainly having two full days off between gym sessions but they’ve tended to be fairly active, either walking into town, running with dogs, etc.

I’ve been trying to make sure I do a bare minimum of 3×10 for pull-ups, dips and push-ups. Depending on how tired I am to begin with and stuff I don’t always do this but I’ve been getting close most times.

Starting with the base of pull-ups, dips and push-ups in a mini-circuit to begin with, then I usually do tricep pull-downs. Then, I’ve been trying something different on top of that every time. So one time it might be working on the biceps, another time it might be shoulders. I definitely need to work on biceps and shoulders as I tend to hammer the triceps mainly.

Today went to the gym early-ish (7pm) and had a decent workout. Afterwards filled up on junkfood from the takeaway.

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