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Friday, May 18

Today’s diet…

  • Porridge with 25g sultanas, 10g dark chocolate and 10g desecated coconut – 599 cal, 14.1g protein (oats: 413 cal, 12g; chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; sultanas: 73 cal, 0.7g; coconut: 61 cal, 0.5g)
  • 2x ryvita and 20g peanut butter – 189 cal, 6.7g protein (ryvitas: 68 cal, 1.8g; peanut butter: 121 cal, 4.9g)
  • 1x hard boiled eggs – 98 cal, 7.9g protein
  • 2x large wholemeal pittas with 240g veggies – 424 cal, 20.6g protein (pittas: 340 cal, 14.8g; veggies: 84 cal, 5.8g)
  • 2x choc spread on ryvita – 148 cal, 2.8g protein (ryvitas: 68 cal, 1.8g; spread: 80 cal, 1g)
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes – 40 cal, 2g protein
  • …gym session…
  • Half a Caribbean lamb pattie – 228 cal, 5.2g protein (dropped the other half)
  • 2x large hard boiled eggs – 196 cal, 15.8g protein
  • 2x large wholemeal pittas with 130g tuna – 470 cal, 45.4g protein (pittas: 340 cal, 14.8g; tuna: 130 cal, 30.6g)
  • Rhubarb crumble 150g – 336 cal, 4.5g protein
  • …plus other drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,728 calories and 125g protein estimate plus other drinks

Roughly-speaking I should be aiming for about a gram of protein per pound of weight, i.e. about 150g.

Today’s gym session…

  • Pull-ups, dips, push-ups x3
  • Tricep pull-downs x3
  • Vertical row x3
  • Dumbell curls x2
  • Chin-ups x2 (about 5 reps per set)
  • Kettlebell shoulder raise x3 (up to 12kg)

The first circuit of pull-ups etc was a bit rubbish but with all the different things it all added up to a decent workout. I think maybe I should have more than 2 days rest of the upper body before doing that again.

Rhubarb Crumble

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