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Thursday, May 31

Have been focusing on eating plenty of protein. Things like the flapjacks don’t have a lot of protein but are loads of calories so have been trying to go with tuna, beans or meat where possible. Today after the gym I had a cheap cornish pasty, then when I got back had a can of basics baked beans. One can of cheap beans is almost 18g of protein and only around 200 calories. Ate them straight from the tin.

Have been starting to eat frozen veg as an alternative to fresh veg every day. Much cheaper apart from anything. Same with frozen meat for a cheap protein fix.

Today, I had porridge for breakfast, a couple of ryvitas with chocolate spread, then a load of frozen veg and two frozen chicken things, then post gym a pasty, can of beans, two cheese pittas.

Gymwise, went on sunday, on monday I lugged a 50 litre bag of compost in a huge plant pot back from B&Q, then went back to the gym today, thursday. Didn’t really feel like going today but felt like I needed to go. Even at the gym I wasn’t really in the mood but plodded on. Did a nice pull-up/dip/push-up thing with not that much rest inbetween and plenty of energy to spare, did 10 pull-ups each time easily and maybe 11 on the last set. Moved onto some hammer curls (18,20,20), tricep pull-downs with the rope (18,23,23), shoulder raises with the kettle bells (8,12,12) and a few neutral grip chin-ups.

Trying to increase the weights, last time I remember thinking 18 wasn’t too bad on the hammer curls, so why not try some 20s. 12 is fairly new on the shoulders so a few more sessions on them then up to the next weight. For the pull-downs I like to use the little triangle thing but the rubber was going on that so someone must have taken it away. The rope is probably a better thing to use but I can’t do as much weight with it. Was up to 27 on the triangle but the trying to rope pull the rope outwards and hold it for a second or two so 23 is a struggle at the moment.

The trip back from B&Q was really hard work. The pot was very heavy and hard to grip. It was a very good workout by the time I’d managed to get it back and really worked the biceps more than I do in the gym normally. A change is good and maybe that was a reason I had such a good workout today.

Apparently students have gone for the summer so it should be nice and quiet for a while.

I’ve been stuck on around 155 lbs. This morning I was actually 154 and 14% bodyfat. If I eat even more and do even more work at the gym and stuff like gardening for variety I might be able to move upwards.

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