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Tuesday, June 5

Yesterday (Monday) I went and had an upper body workout. Was still feeling my abs from when I did them on the 1st for the first time in ages. Good workout, suitably knackered at the end. Pull-up/dip/press-up circuits then standing dumbell flies, vertical barbell row, tricep pull-downs, a few kettlebell shoulder raises and finished with 6 chin-ups.

I can still feel my abs ever so slightly today but I’m going to have a cardio/abs session.

Have been eating a lot all the time. It seems to be working because I have loads of energy and have put on a few pounds. Weighed myself this morning and was 158.6 pounds and 15.1% bodyfat. Need to make sure I’m eating veggies every day.

Today’s diet…

  • Porridge with 25g sultanas, 10g dark chocolate and 10g desecated coconut – 599 cal, 14.1g protein (oats: 413 cal, 12g; chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; sultanas: 73 cal, 0.7g; coconut: 61 cal, 0.5g)
  • 200ml orange juice – 94 cal, 1g protein
  • 2xchicken things and frozen veg – 574 cal, 33.8g protein (chicken: 490 cal, 28g; veggies estimate: 84 cal, 5.8g)
  • 2x choc spread on ryvita – 148 cal, 2.8g protein (ryvitas: 68 cal, 1.8g; spread: 80 cal, 1g)
  • 2x wholemeal pittas with 130g tuna – 438 cal, 42.3g protein (pittas: 308 cal, 11.7g; tuna: 130 cal, 30.6g)
  • …gym session (abs)…
  • Chicken Tikka Masala and wholemeal basmalti rice – 853 cal, 82.4g protein (sauce: 150 cal, 1.8g; 250g chicken: 369 cal, 71g; 100g rice: 334 cal, 9.6g)
  • Large glass of red wine – 170 cal, 0g protein
  • …plus other drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,876 calories and 176.4g protein estimate plus other drinks

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