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Sunday, July 15

I had almost 3 weeks off in June due to illness so my next gym session was June 25th. In July it’s almost been a-day-on-a-day-off alternating between upper body and cardio/abs.

Yesterday I did an upper body session after 4 days off. The pullups, dips and pushups went well. Tried weighted dips for the first time in years, just a fairly low weight (2.5 – 6) but it made it much harder, though the technique was probably better with weights. After that I did some shoulder work and some machine curls for the biceps. Finished off with about 3 or 4 chinups. I didn’t do any tricep pull-downs, one of those machines broke and it feels like I’ve not done any for a while.

I’m trying not to do the same thing all the time. Also, trying to push myself more, hence using weights on the dips. Generally happy with everything.

Weight-wise I’m about 73kg when I weigh myself at the start of the session, and 74kg+ after I drink all the water at the end.

Measurements from March 18th…

  • Weight: 153.4 lbs
  • Fat: 13.4%
  • Water: 59.9%
  • Muscle: 44.0%
  • BMI: 21.5%
  • BMR: 1708


  • Weight: 159.0 lbs
  • Fat: 15.5%
  • Water: 58.1%
  • Muscle: 42.6%
  • BMI: 22.3%
  • BMR: 1723

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