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Thursday, August 16

Today’s diet…

  • Porridge with 135g oats, 20g raisins, 10g dark chocolate and 10g desecated coconut – 700 cal, 18g protein (oats: 529.2 cal, 16.2g; chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; raisins: 57.8 cal, 0.4g; coconut: 61 cal, 0.5g)
  • 200ml orange juice – 94 cal, 1g protein
  • peanut butter on ryvitas – 219 cal, 8g protein (2x ryvita: 68 cal, 1.8g; 25g peanut butter: 151 cal, 6.2g)
  • 130g tuna and 275g veggies – 250 cal, 42g protein (veggies: 104 cal, 8g; tuna: 146 cal, 34g)
  • ….gym….
  • baked beans – 206 cal, 17.6g protein
  • Chicken Vindaloo and wholemeal rice – 1147.6 cal, 118.3g protein (sauce: 222.5 cal, 3g; 360g chicken: 544 cal, 104.3g; 115g rice: 384.1 cal, 11g)
  • 2x glass of wine – 180 cal, 0g protein
  • …plus other drinks (coffee, tea, water)

Total = 2,796.6 calories and 204.9g protein estimate plus other drinks

Current weight is 156.8lbs and 15.3% bodyfat according to the scales.

I’ve been thinking about how many calories I need to be consuming if I want to gain muscle. This article is mainly talking about weightloss but it also says what you should do to put on weight, it reccommends an extra 500 cals per day.

So, 157 lbs gives a BMR of 1707 which is about what the scales say. Moderately active (x1.55) gives a number of calories per day of 2645. So to gain weight I’d be adding 500 to make 3145 cals.

I think for the timebeing I should keep to around 2,600 until the bodyfat comes down a little.

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