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Saturday, January 12

After having about 3 weeks off from the gym over xmas I went back on the 4th – decent-ish kinda session, didn’t push myself too much. Was sore for almost a week so went again today, the 12th. Again decent-ish session.

Today’s session…

  • 3x 10 pull-ups, dips, push-ups*
  • 3x 10 kettle bell front raises (8,10,12)
  • 3x 10 tricep pull-downs (18,23,27)
  • 2x 10 standing dumbell flies (6,6)
  • power plate – pushups and plank

* Couldn’t finish the last 10’s of pull-ups and push-ups, but did an extra set of push-ups on the “power plate” at the end.


  • Weight: 155.2 lbs
  • Fat: 15%
  • Water: 58.6%
  • Muscle: 43.0%
  • BMI: 21.8%
  • BMR: 1699

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