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Sunday, June 2

This year I’ve been going to the gym about once a week. There was a break during April due to moving house slowly over a few weeks and moving boxes into and out of storage. Got back into it in May but the month off made it hard work.

Also, in about April/May I’ve started using a swiss ball instead of an office chair. I started it because I was fed up with the kneeling chair which was not feeling good on my knees and I wanted something to sit on that was good for my back. It feels like I slouch less on the ball and it’s better on the knees. It’s also a bit like working out while working, I’m just sat there but I think using it for hours tires the core out because it’s what keeps you on it… I don’t know whether it’s because of this or because I’ve just been getting back into it but late night sessions are harder for me at the moment.

Had a long supermarket walk yesterday for the first time in a long while. From here it’s about 50 minutes away at an easy pace. Might see if I can get that down to about 40 minutes which should be possible.

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