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Thursday, July 11

It seems like every time I get a string of gym sessions together I get ill with something and am back to zero. At the start of June I had 5 sessions in 10 days then nothing for the rest of the month due to illness. This month I’ve had 3 sessions so far. The good thing with going to the gym more often is that you have to work legs and do cardio because the upper body will be sore for some of the sessions.

Looks like I’ve put on weight and it’s mainly fat. Need to eat more veggies and get more active.


  • Weight: 160.6 lbs
  • Fat: 16.3%
  • Water: 57.3%
  • Muscle: 42.0%
  • BMI: 22.5%
  • BMR: 1733

Have been making fresh fruit juices with a new juicer. While it’s good for all the vitamins juice without the fibre is basically like liquid sugar, maybe I should go easy on it.

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