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Recovering from Illness

Last time I went to the gym was September 12th. After that I’ve been sick / recovering. Went to the gym today as I was feeling pretty good earlier and started feeling a bit dodgy after doing a set of curls and it was kinda busy so I just weighed myself and left. Here’s what the machine said, I was bending down to read the instructions so maybe put a inch onto the height…

Weight = 12stone 2lbs = 170lbs = 77.3kg
Height = 5’10” = 1.78m
B.M.I. = 24.3

At the same time as the electronic scales said this I went to the manual scales in the gym and they were way off.. it said I was just over 11stone. I’m not crazy about paying every time I want to weigh myself so I’m going to buy some digital scales this week.

B.M.I. should be between 20 and 25 so I guess I’m at the upper end of good. Being sick I’ve been mainly eating junk in an effort to get better, so diet has gone out of the window and feeling a bit chubby. Not looking too bad but need a haircut and a shave, here’s a photo…

Photo of me October 7th, 2009

3 basic stages to go through…

Stage 1 is to get better.
Stage 2 is to get back to where I was before I took a month off.
Stage 3 is to work on the goals.

Can’t wait to get #1 out the way.

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