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Constantly Eating but Losing Weight Still

I’m always hungry and constantly eating but losing weight still since cutting back on bread! I obviously don’t mind losing weight, could probably do with losing a bit more. Today was leg day. I’m trying to mix it up so where I’d normally do deadlifts and weighted squats, today I did them the other way […]

Stopped Buying Bread!

After having not done that much for a while the past two months I have been going to the gym quite often, this month it has been 10 times. I also addressed my bread addiction so I’ve not bought any bread for a couple of weeks, eating rice cakes and ryvita instead. I went to […]

Saturday, 11th June 2016

Looks like the scales are broken, it was saying 27% body fat, which is way off. Here is my reading from today at the gym… 14.1% body fat is ok. Have been trying to go to the gym and do 30 minutes cardio on an empty stomach before breakfast. It’s good to do 30 minutes […]

Monday, September 9

I’ve started doing a lot more legs sessions and I’ve started doing deadlifts. When the aerobics room is free I’ll go in there and set up a barbell and do some barbell squats, deadlifts, barbell crunches and barbell shoulder presses. The barbell sessions tend to be on a day where I’m not working the upper […]

Saturday, August 24

Up to 9 workouts this month so far. For the past few days I’ve started doing the 8/16 intermittent fast. You eat between 10am and 6pm then “fast” for 16 hours. This is what I understand it is… Not eating for a long period like that is good for you because after about 12 hours […]

Thursday, July 11

It seems like every time I get a string of gym sessions together I get ill with something and am back to zero. At the start of June I had 5 sessions in 10 days then nothing for the rest of the month due to illness. This month I’ve had 3 sessions so far. The […]

Tuesday, September 4

Gym today. Got there early, about 4.30pm. Good session. Upper body arms and finishing off focussing on shoulders. Read about the “piston bent-over rows” in Men’s Health, it’s very similar to the barbell rows but it works the core more too and mixes it up somewhat. Triceps are pretty knackered afterwards. Wide-grip pull-ups (3×10) Dips […]

Thursday, August 16

Today’s diet… Porridge with 135g oats, 20g raisins, 10g dark chocolate and 10g desecated coconut – 700 cal, 18g protein (oats: 529.2 cal, 16.2g; chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; raisins: 57.8 cal, 0.4g; coconut: 61 cal, 0.5g) 200ml orange juice – 94 cal, 1g protein peanut butter on ryvitas – 219 cal, 8g protein (2x ryvita: […]


Watched this programme on Channel 4: Myths About Your 5 a Day: Reporter Feature. Did some extra snooping and found this NHS page: What counts as my 5-a-day?

Tuesday, June 5

Yesterday (Monday) I went and had an upper body workout. Was still feeling my abs from when I did them on the 1st for the first time in ages. Good workout, suitably knackered at the end. Pull-up/dip/press-up circuits then standing dumbell flies, vertical barbell row, tricep pull-downs, a few kettlebell shoulder raises and finished with […]