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12 Months Gym Activity

I like a visual representation of stats, so this shows my 12 months of gym activity…

Constantly Eating but Losing Weight Still

I’m always hungry and constantly eating but losing weight still since cutting back on bread! I obviously don’t mind losing weight, could probably do with losing a bit more. Today was leg day. I’m trying to mix it up so where I’d normally do deadlifts and weighted squats, today I did them the other way […]

That Last Set of Ten

I’ve been doing three sets of 10 pull-ups and recently it’s just been 10 reps, then 10, then 8. Just can’t seem to do that last set of 10! It could be that it’s quite late in the day so I could be tired. I’ve been mainly doing the pull-ups after sets of dips, although […]

Stopped Buying Bread!

After having not done that much for a while the past two months I have been going to the gym quite often, this month it has been 10 times. I also addressed my bread addiction so I’ve not bought any bread for a couple of weeks, eating rice cakes and ryvita instead. I went to […]

Saturday, 11th June 2016

Looks like the scales are broken, it was saying 27% body fat, which is way off. Here is my reading from today at the gym… 14.1% body fat is ok. Have been trying to go to the gym and do 30 minutes cardio on an empty stomach before breakfast. It’s good to do 30 minutes […]

Monday, September 9

I’ve started doing a lot more legs sessions and I’ve started doing deadlifts. When the aerobics room is free I’ll go in there and set up a barbell and do some barbell squats, deadlifts, barbell crunches and barbell shoulder presses. The barbell sessions tend to be on a day where I’m not working the upper […]

Monday, August 19

Tried pre-fatiguing the arms before doing an upper body workout today. So, did some standing barbell curls before going into the pull-up, dip, push-up routine. Did some running for 5 minutes after the second set, and my upper arms felt very bloated. At the end I did a couple of sets of tricep push-downs but […]

Saturday, August 17

This month has been going well gym-wise. They have a load of bars in the aerobics part of the gym so I’ve been going in, making up a light-ish barbell and doing some Romanian Deadlifts. I’m also doing at least 5 minutes cardio each session and started doing some more ab exercises on the mat […]

Sunday, June 2

This year I’ve been going to the gym about once a week. There was a break during April due to moving house slowly over a few weeks and moving boxes into and out of storage. Got back into it in May but the month off made it hard work. Also, in about April/May I’ve started […]

Wednesday, January 30

I’ve had 5 gym sessions this month, roughly one-a-week. The last one was today I’d done some push-ups yesterday so I just did the pull-ups (10,10,9) and dips(10,10,10) to begin with, then did one set of 10 push-ups afterwards. Also did 3 sets of front kettle bell arm raises (8,10,12) and 3 sets of tricep […]