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Inspirational Workout Video

“Light repetition, heavy bench that builds a bigger bench, and also put the speed into it.” Few reps of heavy weights = rip the muscle to expand and build muscle mass. More reps of lighter weights = endurance, greater strength. If you continue this theory to the extreme, a very light weight and many reps […]

Training Aides

Just bought this book on Amazon: Strength Training Anatomy – 2nd Edition. Looks very good and has been reccommended so looking forward to learning some stuff and getting a better understanding of individual muscles. According to the reviews it doesn’t even have an introduction, it’s straight down to work with the detailed reference info! Should […]

Goals – September 2009

These will be similar to the goals of a lot of people. Goal 1: Build Muscle I’ve been cruising recently, so not pushing myself very much. I need to put more effort into the sessions, and maybe attempt to move up through the weights, doing more work. So, aim to leave the gym tired every […]

Training Routine

I don’t have a set routine. Normally look at what I worked the previous day, how sore I am, and make a judgement call. If I’m doing triceps one day I’ll probably wait at least one day before doing biceps as the two muscles can overlap. Generally have at least one day off, normally two […]

Typical Daily Diet

My typical daily intake of food would be something like this… Breakfast Large bowl of muesli – 1000 cals Meal 1 Peanut Butter sandwich – 400 cals Snack Choices 2x biscuits – 150 cals Nutella sandwich – 400 cals Apple – up to 100 cals 250g grapes – 170 cals Nuts/raisins 2x ricecakes – 60 […]

Wednesday, September 16

After working out on Saturday, when maybe I shouldn’t have, and taking 3 days off with a sore throat, I’m feeling pretty good today. My last session, on Saturday, was pretty light, it was just some half-hearted leg work and a bit of cardio. I’d been doing the [stepper?] wrong, so I had a few […]

Mission Statement

Mission Statement To put into words the things I do every day to make it easier to see what works and what doesn’t. Look at diet, training and miscellaneous. Will act as a reference to look back on and assess progress. See the disclaimer. And… This is a personal blog, a bit like a diary. […]