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Wednesday, October 28

Had a short session today, did 2x sets of push-ups last night which went well. Today I wanted to see how much I felt I could do before getting tired, then see how I feel afterwards and the next day. This is what I did, mix of back, triceps, shoulders and biceps.. 2x sets of […]

Wednesday, October 21

Still trying to get over whatever I had, either H1N1 (swineflu) or glandular fever, but went to the gym on Wednesday and did this… 2x sets of pull-ups (8 and 6 reps) 1x set dips (10 reps) 2x sets of delt triads 1x set of tricep pulldowns 1x set of dumbell curls It was really […]


The shoulders are also called delts or deltoids. The delt triad (side laternal raise, front raise, rear delt) works the different parts of the deltoid muscle with the dumbells, see this video. I’ve been doing the front and side raises but the rear delts are new. I used to do circuits of pull-ups, lateral raises, […]

Friday, October 16

Took a day off from work and did some chores. In the evening, jogged down to the gym and did some pull-ups, dips and delts. Did about half a set of each then started to feel tired so decided to stop and see how it made me feel later and the next day. Started feeling […]

Recovering from Illness

Last time I went to the gym was September 12th. After that I’ve been sick / recovering. Went to the gym today as I was feeling pretty good earlier and started feeling a bit dodgy after doing a set of curls and it was kinda busy so I just weighed myself and left. Here’s what […]