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Tuesday, November 17

Felt a bit rough earlier, this could be due to the echinacea, anyway going to gym later. Food intake today… Apple – 65 cal, 0.5g protein Peanut butter on toast – 300 cal, 12.4g protein Nutella sandwich – 260 cal, 9g protein 3x biscuits – 129 cal, 2.4g protein 45g cornflakes and 200ml skimmed milk […]

Monday, November 16

Food intake today… 45g cornflakes and 200ml skimmed milk – 243 cal, 10.5g protein (cornflakes: 171cal, 3.3g; milk: 72cal, 7.2g) 130g cottage cheese and 2 olive pittas – 420 cal, 26.5g protein (cottage cheese: 110cal, 15.5g; pittas: 310cal, 11g) Red Thai curry and rice – 800 cal, 85g protein (chicken: 345cal, 77g; rice: 180cal, 2g; […]

Saturday, November 14

Went to the gym and did some abs, dumbell curls and a few delts. On the way back I picked up some electronic scales. Here are the readings… Weight: 170 lbs Fat: 18% Water: 55% Muscle: 41% BMI: 24% BMR: 1900 cal (daily calories burned during rest) This info can be compared with older readings […]

Thursday/Friday, November 12/13

My hours are off at the moment but after working out yesterday and 7 or 8 hours sleep I feel fine, not 100% but ok. One or two workouts a week should be fine with plenty of rest. This is the food intake for my day that is spread between Thursday and Friday… 200g muesli […]

Wednesday, November 11

Food intake.. 200g muesli and skimmed milk – 800 cal Nutella sandwich – 260 cal Twiglets – 100 cal Green beans in pittas with mayo – 260 cal Apple – 65 cal Beans on toast with cheese – 590 cal Peanut butter sandwich – 300 cal 2x cookies – 230 cal …plus drinks (coffee, tea, […]

Tuesday, November 10

Food intake today, rest-only… 200g muesli and skimmed milk – 800 cal Peanut butter sandwich – 300 cal Veg and wholemeal pittas with mayo – 400 cal Apple – 65 cal 250g chicken, rice and red Thai curry sauce – 800 cal (leftover from yesterday) …plus drinks (coffee, tea, orange juice, water) Total = 2,365 […]

Monday, November 9

Have been focussing on taking echinacea and trying to get better, averaging 9 or 10 hours sleep per night and resting a lot. As I’m not doing anything I’m trying to not get fat so looking at what I’m eating. Here is today’s food intake… 200g muesli – 700 cal skimmed milk –

Infectious Mononucleosis

I’m still feeling below par after almost 2 months so I think it’s probably glandular fever / mono (Infectious mononucleosis) that I have… Infectious mononucleosis on wiki The symptoms are due to the immune system being down as opposed to being caused by the virus so it says to rest and eat vegetables and drink […]

Monday, November 2

After being away for most of the weekend I wanted to begin the week with a workout seeing as I failed to go on Sunday evening. Feeling good but sometimes feel like I’m still not 100%, glandular feeling. The fact that it’s taking so long to go away makes me think it’s glandual fever (Mono). […]