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Thursday, January 28

Feeling sore from the gym yesterday and a little off in terms of sickness. Rested, swept and mopped the floor, and did some washing up. 200g muesli and 200ml skimmed milk – 870 cal, 32.8g protein (muesli: 800 cal, 26g; milk: 70 cal, 6.8g) 2x peanut butter sandwich – 600 cal, 24.8g protein 2x dark […]

Wednesday, January 27

After feeling slightly ropey for the past few days had a decent gym session today. The heating system was broken at the gym so it was very hot but I had a lot of rest inbetween sets and drank plenty of water. Felt fine afterwards, tired but ok. Pull-ups: 6,6,6,6 Dips: 8,8,8,8 (dips much better […]

Tuesday, January 19

Didn’t count calories today but went to the gym and had a great workout. Pullups: 8,6,6 Dips: 8,6,8 (surprisingly hard work for dips) Curls: 3 Tricep pulldowns: 10,8,8 Pushups: a few sets with quite a few reps All in all a decent-ish workout that is approaching what I used to do before illness. The curls […]

Thursday, January 7

Went to the gym last night for the first time since before christmas. I did pullups (8 and 6 reps), dips (10) and tricep pulldowns (10). So a very light session. Started to get a twinge in my glands and stopped then. Feel fine today apart from some good muscle aches. Taking today off then […]

Cooked vs Uncooked

I’ve been thinking about the difference between muesli and porridge. The portion of porridge I have is much lower in calories than the same portion of muesli but it feels as filling. There is also toast that seems more filling than bread. I’ve also been wondering for a while if cooking something, i.e. adding energy […]